Thomson’s Quality Assured

The team at Thomson’s Square Sausage is committed to the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our production, delivery and customer service.
Our famous Square Sausage continues to build an unrivalled reputation for taste, quality, and customer delight amongst our trade customers and end consumers.

How we shape up…

Our hand made production techniques differ hugely from the mainstream mechanised processing adopted by most manufacturers. This hand made approach results in a highly consistent quality of product, which retains its full size and shape when cooked, without the creaming and mis-shaping often seen on mechanised processes where the meat is forced into shape.

Our Square Sausage is carefully hand formed, hand wrapped and packaged. It’s a much more thorough process where we take the time to ensure that slice after slice, it not only looks good, it cooks really well too… and of course tastes amazing.

As you would expect, we are fully accredited in all aspects of our production, hygiene, traceability, storage and delivery procedures.

Bought this sausage in Costco Glasgow. Family loved it!
Tried your sausage in our barbecue at the week-end and it proved a success with everyone. Brilliant!